7 simple steps to cope with trauma

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When life brings trauma, brain fog quickly descends dis enabling us to make decisions and live a balanced life. The Life Guidance Mentor  offers you 7 simple steps to bring you clarity, showing you the way forward.

Trauma can bring anxiety, panic attacks and flash backs that further cripple your capacity to think and act in balance. If you are one of the people shouting “help me with my panic attacks” just stop for a minute and breathe before reading further. It may just bring you back to YOU.

We need you to breathe so you can take in the 7 simple steps to help you cope with anxiety.

Place one hand your hand on your heart, the other on your belly and breathe deeply in pushing your belly outwards as it takes in a full breath. Hold your breath for a count of three then breathe out fully for a count of three. Continue to do this until the panic subsides.

Many years ago when I was in the grip of anxiety and PTSD, I realised that my breathing was out of sync. I was breathing high into my chest and my shoulders were pushed up when I took a breath in.

I then realised that by looking in the mirror, keeping my shoulders level and breathing in whilst having a hand on my belly, I took in more air. Then by holding my breath as I counted helped me feel in control rather than the anxiety or panic. I also noticed I wasn’t exhaling fully.

I then exhaled and made a loud whooshing noise which was strangely liberating.

Eventually my breathing settled and I became more present.

So now you are here, present and breathing here are the 7 simple steps to help you cope with anxiety:


Step ONE

Go outside and walk every day and evening, in nature no matter what the weather is.

Often when we are gripped by trauma, panic and fear steps in and takes over forcing you to think and feel irrational. Often you will refrain from leaving the house for fear of … whatever. It’s really important to push through the resistance here and force yourself to go outside and walk maybe just for ten minutes.

You see by pushing though the fears that your trauma has created and taking practical action such as walking every day twice a day you are creating a new template and challenging the fears that are threatening to take over your life.

Practical action brings you control back and kicks your fears into touch!

It’s important too to go out in the day and the evening so you experience the day sky and the night’s sky. This brings you balance.

Look around you as you complete your ten-minute walk. Bring your breathing into balance using the counting method to help you focus too.


Step TWO

Eat little and often. I was given this quote by my angels many years ago;” eat light and be full of light”. Yes I’m one of those weir dos who believes in angels.

Often when trauma is present we comfort eat or don’t eat at all so eating light natural food – fruit and veg little and often we are bringing light into our bodies.

Have you noticed how heavy you feel after eating junk food?

It may give you a short sugar burst but it doesn’t last long.



Refrain from making any big decisions.

How many times when your head is screwed up have you made a wrong decision? This then leads to regrets, lack of self trust and even self loathing.

So please do not make any big life changing decisions when you are in the grip of anxiety and panic.

At times like these you may be over emotional and over analytical which creates an imbalance, hardly the right time to sell the house or divorce your partner!

We recommend to leave the big decisions for twelve months!



Drink two litres of water every day.

It not only hydrates you it also gets rid of your physical and emotional toxins. Yes all those horrible thoughts can be flushed away with a swig of water.

Bathing in sea salt baths or Epsom salt baths also aides de- detoxification. Have a soak at least twice a week for twenty minutes, add a few drops of lavender too to further help the cleansing process.



Surround yourself with people who love, support and encourage you.

If the people around you are negative drama queens who love to get involved in the latest gossip or scandal, they are hardly going to encourage you to see the bright side of life and the way forward.

You don’t have to ditch them, simply don’t respond to their calls or texts. Remember you are practicing self care here; the only way forward to free yourself from anxiety and take ownership of your PPI Power, Passion and Inspiration.

If you haven’t got the support of positive, upbeat people, join a support group. That way you have a common cause and do not need to explain why and how you feel. They will know because they are experiencing it too.


Step SIX

Spend some time in silence with your breath every day, even if it’s for five minutes. This gets your head out of the way and further aids your breathing pattern forming a new healthy and helpful habit.

When I started this, I accessed my inner angel or inner guru as I call it. Guidance. ideas and clarity started to spring forward with clear instructions which I then followed. This was the turning point for me. It gave me back to me and uncovered the gift of intuition or inner tuition as I call it.

This inner tuition then lead to my business in being an intuitive mentor and messenger which twenty three years later has helped thousands of people all over the world. How fab is that?



Go to bed the same time every night.

Trauma, panic, fear and worry can lead to sleepless nights. Often we then end up going to bed later, watching more TV, Face Book or drinking wine.

But if you go to bed the same time every night, eventually your body will get the message ; “it’s time to rest and sleep!”. Maybe have that relaxing salt and lavender bath before you retire for the evening.

Finally try a little maths; work out how many days you have been alive by googling the question. It comes up with a simple app that gives you the days. For me, it’s just under 20,000 days.

Then have a think about how many of those days have you been hurt, in trauma, your life threatened?

Now look at that as what are the odds of anything awful happening?

It is often reassuring to see actual real facts and not FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real.


So there you have 7 simple steps to help you overcome trauma and manage your anxiety. There are many more I can share but opted for the easy version today. I hope they help you become free once more.

More tools and techniques are available in my second book Bringing You Back To YOU.

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