A tragic tale turned self-made miracle …


If you’ve clicked onto this page, I know that’s because it’s important to you to know that we are real; that I’m a woman who knows her stuff and that we are an organisation with passion; perhaps, you just need reassurance that I’ve been through hellish times and am now equipped to share the knowledge gained from escaping it.

Let me tell you, my story is a true tragedy turned self-made miracle.

(Note I said ‘self-made’)

To tell you all of it would be too much for here, but I will tell you this…

In 1994 I was almost killed by my partner.

He was abusive for many years until one night, in front of our son, he attempted to inflict life ending injuries on me with a knife.

The wounds from that attack cut much deeper than just the skin, for what followed was a battle with PTSD.

But, the thing is – and I have full faith you will understand or come to understand this – I am extremely thankful to him. Extremely, excessively and eternally thankful, for what happened to me that night was in actual fact something I have affectionately called: “a beautiful gift in an ugly box”.

For that gift was the gift of meaning. I found my purpose starting on that night; a purpose that lead me to explore the hidden secrets buried within me – within us all – and use them to inspire others to do the same.

From that moment, I began finding and then living my purpose every day as The Life Guidance Mentor.