Does your job make you sick? 7 energy boosting tips to reserve your energy.

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Is your job making you sick? Maybe you are suffering from what we at AWT term as Corporate Sickness. 
Being able to achieve the perfect work-life balance is not always straightforward, If you’re fortunate enough to leave the door at 5pm, then you have the relentless drive home which not only adds hours to your day but heightens anxiety. Leaving you feeling totally exhausted. You arrive home not being fully present, snapping at your partner and kids!

Ok, so you’re not happy in your job, you look at possible promotions or a new job altogether – what do you mean? You’ panic apply’, looking for almost anything that doesn’t involve the job you’re doing now. You spend hours filling out application forms only to get rejected, left feeling unworthy and in despair.

This then leaves you lacking the passion to perform to your best life, wishing our life away and living for the weekend when it’s only Monday. Yes this is ‘corporate sickness’ but don’t worry, we have all been there. It’s not a nice ride but it’s not the end, you can have the life you want, you can bring your dreams into fruition and you can do almost anything your heart desires.

Other forms of Corporate Sickness are:

  • Being undervalued and underpaid
  • Been paid less than your male counterparts yet you do the same job.
  • Being shouted at or talked down to in front of others.
  • Being bullied or sexually harassed.
  • Being rules by fear and fear- full tactics to do what the BIG BOSSES want you to do.

First ACKNOWLEDGE and seek the problem, find your tribe, make the change, work hard and achieve great things.

If you are experiencing any of the above go to HR / Occupational Health and report it. Take a trusted colleague in with you to support you and log all events in a diary or your mobile as evidence should you need it, including time and dates, the location of the act and exactly what occurred. 

To help you overcome this feeling, here I have 7 energy boosting tips to help you reserve your energy.

  1. Get up at a time that gives you plenty of time to get ready even if it means ten minutes less in bed. If you start your day in ‘rush energy’, you will be clumsy, make mistakes, have accidents and turn up at work even more unhappy and disgruntled making you less productive and happy.
  2. Start the day upon awakening by stating 5 new things you have in life that you are truly grateful for. If we start the day with gratitude and focusing on what you do have rather than what you don’t, positivity will seep into your way of thinking and the day ahead.
  3. Don’t skip breakfast, take it with you if you haven’t got time to eat in first thing. Ensure you have a well-balanced start to the day.
  4. When you get to work look at your list of priorities – has it changed. Do you have to do everything on that list, mark essential actions in red, possible to do tomorrow in green and delete any that no longer need your attention. This action will be satisfying in the long run.
  5. Make sure you eat lunch and leave your desk. Walk for 20 –30 minutes outside, this will regenerate you and give you energy and clarity. It’s important to move from your workspace.
  6. Create your to-do list just before you leave for the day so you are ready to go tomorrow. a list the night before is always a great time saver in the long run.
  7. Finally when you get home, don’t rush into home life, physically detach from your working day by putting it to bed before you enter your home. Sit in the car and take in some deep breathes. When you get in, take off your work clothes straightaway and shower putting on your “I’m home now clothes” this gives you a strong message that it is now time for rest, family and partner.

Is your job making you ill? then maybe it’s time to think about changing your career and now more than ever is the perfect time to join a fantastic community of Life-Fulfilment Trainers. We are always on the lookout for potential NEW Trainers to join our LFT 3-day residential training programme. If you would like to take a leap of faith, learn and practice the Bringing You Back To YOU tools and techniques and would love to train others to do the same. Then this may be the job for you.

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