Energy boosting tips to spring you into Spring.

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Yay Spring is here in just a few days’ time in the UK and we are excited at how this season is spring-boarding our reach and success at AWT.

Did you know we are now INTERNATIONAL!! We’ll tell you more soon.

Do you align your life to the seasons?

Our ancestors often lived their lives much more seasonally-aligned than we do, retiring to bed when it’s dark and waking with the sunrise. Look at the Native Americans and Aborigines they were/are always seasonally aligned. I know since I’ve been living in ‘my heaven on earth’ that I have naturally shifted to being more seasonally aligned. I take three weeks’ off in December and enjoy a slow start to the year then comes Spring and I’m full of ideas and actions, planting seeds ready to germinate and flourish in the Summer.

Let’s look at the seasons’ meanings:

Winter is a time to slow down and put the year to bed. Its use is for you to reflect back on the last year, to retreat into your space, heal, review and evaluate what is working in your life, what needs to go and what areas of your life need changing.

Spring is where new life sprouts from all the energy -good and bad that you planted from last year. It’s the time to plant seeds of ideas and inspirations, a time of nurture so come the

Summer, they will flourish, blossom and prosper. Yes, there will be weeds to remove and toss in the bin but with commitment and focus, love and care the results of being seasonally aligned will benefit you.

Autumn is a time for letting go, making way for the new therefore creating balance with the equinox when the days and nights are equal in length and light.

Here are 11 energy boosting tips to spring you into Spring:

  • Pat yourself on the back and say well done for what you have achieved this quarter of the new year. Reflect on the first three months, acknowledge your lessons learned, your challenges that you have/are overcoming, your triumphs.
  • Re-evaluate your whole life and wholeself by looking at the web of life:

Look at each aspect of your life and give it a score out of 10, 0= poor and 10 = fan bloomin tasitc. See page 42 -45 in my book Bringing You Back To YOU

  • Your love relationship
  • Social life and fun stuff
  • Health
  • Career
  • Family and friends
  • Money

Personal space home and work – your environment

  • Mark each score on the web of life – see the diagram below and in a different colour join up the web. Is it wonky or balanced? Now look at your lowest score, that is the area that is requiring your immediate attention and focus.
  • Book in with one of our Life FULFILMENT Trainers for some direction and accountability to ensure these changes are implemented.
  • Get outside and walk in the fresh air in a place of natural beauty, take food and water and enjoy reconnecting.
  • Organise a get together with friends who make you laugh so hard you pee yourself! People are coming out of hibernation now so make a point of creating a get-together.
  • Start a new hobby or pick up where you left off with a hobby or pastime you used to love and have stopped doing.
  • Dance and sing in the kitchen as if no one is watching
  • Enjoy an Epsom Salt bath with a few drops of lavender to cleanse your body, mind and soul.
  • Find your tribe via meetups, events and common interest groups.
  • Create a brand new vision board with your hopes, goals and desires for 2019. Get creative in your thinking and believing. *Think it*Feel it*Believe   it*Become it.*
  • If the above fails you, take a deep breath and say *fuck it!” at the top of your voice.

Aah, that’s better.

Alison Ward. The Life Guidance Mentor and Director of Alison Ward Training Ltd. All rights reserved @ 2019.


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