Flip it real good – what to do when you’re life flips upside down

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As we’ve just celebrated Shrove Tuesday in the UK this week, I thought this would be a great title for you to ponder as you flip over your pancakes.

I talk from experience when I say life can be flipped over in minutes. We often hear of deaths and births in the same week, this too can happen for awakenings of life. That ‘act’ in that one defining moment that means life will never be the same again.

If you’ve been following me, you will know that my life was nearly taken away in 1994 from a former partner and father of my two-year-old son. He beat me up and stabbed me seven times. My life has never been the same since. When trauma enters your life, see it is a huge mirror that has been smashed to smithereens on the floor. You can see all the shards and glass splinters, yet you don’t know how to gather them up without cutting yourself, making you bleed once more.

Someone going through trauma simply doesn’t know what to do! This is a brand-new experience that is unique to you and you know life will never be the same again! Whilst recovering from P.T.S.D, I EVENTUALLY realised that the only person to get me well again was me!… my journey began.

At Alison Ward Training (AWT) our philosophy of life, our vision, is to aid eradication of victim consciousness. We help people recognise when they are living the life of a victim often without realising it by blaming others, blaming the Government, blaming the weather, blaming everyone and everything else apart from oneself.

We believe that to be truly happy one must take full responsibility for your life.

What do we mean by this?

As an individual, you are responsible for how you think which impacts how you feel and further impacts on how you behave and react or respond.

The experience I endured in 1994 was horrific, horrendous, horrible yet I chose to call it “The Awakening” rather than “The Attack”. I flipped it over and realised that positivity and learning from life;’ lessons learned’, is what helps you evolve as a person. I chose to take the positive route and leave victimhood behind. The Awakening showed me that” I matter”, that people loved me and that if I chose to take responsibility I too could be healed, happy and fulfilled. Being positive in feelings thoughts and actions brings about hope, self- belief and self- confidence.

I often say that The Awakening was ‘the beautiful gift in the ugly box’. It found my purpose as the Life Guidance Mentor and now the founder of Alison Ward Training Limited where we are training people with a passion for transformation to become Life Fulfilment Trainers (LFT). Together we spread the teachings of my ‘how to be happy’ book “Bringing You Back to You” with the world.

I know your situation is different to mine, I wouldn’t patronise you by suggesting it  otherwise, but what I would urge you to do, no matter what is going on in your life is to face up to it. Own it. take responsibility for it. As soon as you do, the way forward will light up, solutions appear, and opportunities created.

As you flip your pancake and decide what filling to use, think about what you’ve achieved today what were the ‘lessons learnt’? what were the positives from the day? Maybe you will learn that flipping it over can be fun and intriguing.

Continue to follow us as we continue to serve you with content that will enrich and fulfil your life.

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Watch the sizzler video made 5 years ago at the birth of ‘BYBTY’.

Until next time taraa x

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