How to create a healthy work-life balance and love your life

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Do you work to live? Or Live to work?

How many times do you wake up feeling knackered and overwhelmed at your day ahead? Do you feel as if you are constantly chasing your tail?

Do you keep getting ill? Particularly at weekends or when you finally book a holiday?

Can you remember the last time you enjoyed time with you on a me-treat or with a friend or partner?

Working 9 to 5 Monday to Friday is an old outdated paradigm; certainly not suited to all roles and all people. We are unique and have different needs. It’s time to address these needs and it starts with YOU dear reader.

Let’s face it, you work for most of your life so clearly, it needs to be an enjoyable experience of value to you and the employer.

Is it time you looked at your work-life balance to create a life you love more?

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Quote from James our Commercial Director who has worked in the Legal Corporate world for twenty years:

“Getting a work-life balance is in part about you and your employer giving each other the opportunity to be the best you can in an organisation and in life when one party takes too much inevitably the balance tips. You can help instil and maintain balance when you apply some planning and reasonable expectations and perhaps redlines if necessary, but remember work is a two-way street which should have respect both ways. The biggest tell-tale sign that your balance is out is unexplained stress when at work or worry about work when at home.”

Now this man knows what he’s talking about.

What are the benefits of a healthy Work-Life Balance?

  • The answer is in the title – it’s healthy for you, your body and mental health.
  • You have more energy
  • You are less tired and grumpy
  • Your relationships improve
  • You feel more connected rather than a voyeur of your life, outside looking in.
  • You have clarity and see options and solutions much easier.
  • You are more productive and therefore add value to the business.
  • You are time smart.
  • You are better at prioritising
  • You have more time for you to do things you enjoy, a great confidence booster and stress reliever.
  • Your attendance record at work improves.

How do you create a healthy work-life balance?

Decide exactly what you want to achieve? Fewer hours? Longer days and a day off? Think about how you work best; in the morning early say 7am? Or maybe you are a night owl. Would the job you do now benefit from you switching from your current format? Start putting a case together and make an appointment with HR to present your case for a new work schedule.  An employee is an investment to any business so HR will look at this.  If they don’t want to listen, maybe it’s time to move on.

Remember your relationship with your employer IS A RELATIONSHIP. For it to work it needs to be a balance of giving and take, you don’t want an abusive relationship where you feel undervalued, unheard and unappreciated so maybe it’s time to do something about it and update your CV.

Is your job aligned to your core values? If freedom is one of your core values and you literally feel regimented in your current role then clearly this is not sustainable long term. Something MUST give until the whole situation gives way…

If your answer is that the current role is not for you then update your CV and start actively looking for a new job putting WLB at the top of the agenda.

Consider starting your own business on the side, when it builds, reduce your hours at work or look for a part-time employed role so you still have a constant flow of income.

Create a weekly plan and put it in a place you will see it. Use different coloured pens to highlight different areas of your life; work in blue, gym in red, me-treats and your time in green, appointments in purple, kids’ stuff in orange etc. Put it all on there so you can clearly see where you need to be and what needs to be done including meal prep and food shopping.

Finally, look at changing how you think about work and home life. Tell yourself you deserve WLB. Remind yourself that you matter.

If you need some help with this, consider booking in with one of our Life Fulfilment Trainers or maybe it’s a business you might want to consider.

See you next time when we discuss Corporate Sickness.


Alison Ward. Founder Director of AWT Ltd.  All rights reserved @2019


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