How to let go and Spring clean you LIFE!

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Letting go and spring cleaning your life can happen at any time throughout the year. You may be inspired by a live event or simply because it’s the change of a season or the beginning of a new year.

Here at Alison Ward Training we constantly encourage each other to let go of junk, situations and people that are no longer a fit with your values and life’s vision. Letting go is a natural way of creating room for new fresh energy, people, situations and opportunities. It’s a LIFE CLEANSE that nourishes and supports if carried out with love, kindness and application.

Spring is a great time to Spring clean your life and usher in new, fresh energy in all areas.

How can you Spring clean your life?

  1. Start by decluttering your space. Do you follow Marie Kondo? Google her on YOUTUBE. She has some great tips. As you declutter each room ask yourself “does this bring me joy?” “Do I feel good when I wear this?” “would I miss it if I let it go?” The answers will help you decide to ‘let it go.’ Have three piles: bin it, recycle to the local charity shop and keep. Remember to throw out those holey socks, grey-white bras and baggy knickers. You deserve better than that and quite honestly, does wearing them make you feel good?
  2. Once decluttered invest in some new Marigolds, open the windows to let some fresh air in and deep clean whilst your fave music is playing. Go on give it some energy as you clean the old away, welcoming in the new.
  3. Buy some daffs and place them in your bedroom and lounge to remind you about the simplicity in life (when you let it go) and that there is always hope and new beginnings.
  4. Is it time for a friend-cleanse? Are there any people in your life that constantly take from you and don’t give any energy back? Come on, be honest. If that’s the case, meet them for coffee and tell them how you feel. If this friend is genuine, they will ‘hear you’ and will want to keep your friendship. If they are defensive and not accepting what you are saying and taking responsibility, maybe it’s time to let them go. Have you heard of the saying “friends come in for a reason, a season or a lifetime?” Maybe this saying will help you decide.
  5. Complete the web of life exercise in Bringing You Back To YOU:

Here is an excerpt from my book –  p. 42 Chapter Two: Bringing You Back to YOU!

I drew a circle, which was the representation of my whole self, and then created equal segments, writing the following in each:

  • My relationship
  • Social life and fun stuff
  • Health
  • Career
  • Family and friends
  • Money
  • My personal space – home and local environment
  • Personal development
A diagram from Alison Ward's book Bringing You Back to YOU!. Inside the book on P. 44 there is a spider diagram. This is a representation of Alison's whole self. This technique is establish and find your inner and outer santuary.

How to create your inner and outer sanctuary p. 43

I then focussed my attention on each area and marked it out of 10, 0 meaning really yucky and 10 meaning fantastic, couldn’t be better. Why not draw the same diagram in your journal? Put the date next to it so you can look back and see your progress. Now centre yourself by connecting to your breath and focus your attention on each area of your life, marking it out of 10. Mark each score on the diagram.

You will clearly see areas that are in need of improvement by your marks out of 10! You could take this one step further by separating each segment into 10, with one and the bottom and 10 and the top. Record the mark for each area of your life in the appropriate space. When you have finished, link all the marks from each section of the diagram with a pen until you have a full circle. Just by looking at it, you will see where the bumps and irregularities are – p. 43 Bringing You Back to YOU!

We hope you find our tips helpful. They are simplicity itself, should you choose to use them, notice how your life becomes easier, inflow and well, happier.

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Until next time, taraa.

Alison Ward @2019 All Rights Reserved


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