How to re-evaluate you life, ready for the new season.

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As we finally enter the first days of Spring, it is a great time to re-evaluate where you are, what you have achieved so far this year and what else you want to achieve for the rest of 2019.

  • Remind yourself of your vision for 2019, how far has your vision manifested?
  • Write down five things you have achieved since the start of January 2019.
  •  How do you feel acknowledging these triumphs? Happy? Fulfilled? Embarrassed at shouting out about them? Us Brits are not good at this, it makes us uncomfortable but let’s challenge this.

When we create achievements, we have clearly done something that has worked for us. If we continue to use this successful theme, then maybe we could create more successes and maintain happiness and fulfilment.

We at Alison Ward Training use the reflective learning practice, whereby we reflect and look back on our day every evening and at the end of each week to take the learnings from life. This includes the things that didn’t go so well. We own it all, look at what’s happened and learn from it.

We acknowledge our triumphs and successes, lessons learned and what we could have done better and how we would do it differently if a similar experience occurred again.

Join us now by stating three triumphs you have experienced so far today, no matter how small. Now decide if you would have done something differently what would you change? It might be a conversation you had, maybe you had an angry outburst with your partner and now feel yucky. Then acknowledge what you have learned from this day.

This awareness brings subconscious thoughts into your awareness when we write them down, thus clearing our heads of all that mental chatter. It also balances the left and right side of the brain; the logical side and the creative side. They work together as you write how you feel down and create balance.

When we acknowledge a situation, it comes up for healing and then it can move on just as an e-motion is meant to.

Try it and see how it clears your head and your thinking plus of course how it brings in that yummy gratitude energy that works as a driver motivator to keep you in the positive vibe.

If you have been following our blogs, you will remember that last week, we talked about the web of life whereby you look at all areas of your life and mark them out of 10. 0 meaning really crap and 10 amazing.

This then shows you where you need to focus on your time and energy. Now we are coming out of Winter, our natural hibernation, you might want to get fitter, so each day intend to get outside for a walk or go to the gym for a swim. Do a physical activity every day and build on it. Look where you will be in three months’ time, heading for Summer; happier, healthier and fitter.

Remember, baby steps create larger strides forward when taken every day on your area of focus.

We can’t wait to see where you are in three months’ time.

If you want our help, visit our Life Fulfilment Trainers page for further information on attending one of our sessions.

Good luck.

Written by Alison Ward. All rights reserved @2019

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