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1 Hour Consultation with Amanda Kirtley, Founding Member and Life Fulfilment Trainer.



Hi i am Amanda Kirtley, Founding Member and Life Fulfilment Trainer. I am qualified in Human Resource Management and Learning & Development. My mission is to help people who are lost and need a helping hand to realise their inner beauty, learn to love themselves and have the life they deserve. I myself have been to dark places – Ive gone from having my own home to nearly losing it, Ive experienced the loss of both my parents, Ive had good jobs and bad jobs, Ive been experienced bullying in the workplace, Ive been very unwell and undergone several operations; I also have had my heart broken many times. Gradually over time, these life challenges took their toll on my health. my stability and my connection with me. It was during these ‘dark’ periods that I found spirituality and began an amazing transformation into becoming a Life Fulfilment Trainer.

Ive survived and Im here to tell my tale and share my experiences with others to help them to realise what actually is the greatest love of all – and that is You!!! So let me help you to realise your Self-Worth and Self-Love. I can help you with the tools and techniques from Alison Ward Training Limited, and with my experience in HR and learning and development I have the skills to help you in your personal life and at work.