Stepping our of your comfort zone – a positive use of fear

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We’ve all been there; butterflies in our stomach, sweaty palms, excitement or is it fear at the prospect of something new.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be both scary and liberating. It’s using the emotion and reaction of fear into a positive, fuel charged action.

It would be oh so easy to keep our life as it is today; feeling the ‘same old’ every day. Day in day out. Waking up to that familiar flat line yet safe energy.

We are often told “not to go into fear” but occasionally fear can serve us in a positive, inspirational and motivational way – stepping out of our comfort zone is a strategy for change and transformation so why do so many of us resists it?

Fear can keep you stuck or drive you forward – it’s your choice.

Look at fear in a different way and it will alter your  mindset, catapulting you out of your comfort zone, into the unknown.  We often resist the unknown simply because we don’t know what it’s like to live there. We don’t know how we will feel, we don’t know if our primary human need of being safe will be met.

We can settle for safe and our lives will be ‘quite nice’ or even ‘fine’ or we can push through the fear and launch ourselves into something new.

Fear fuels ego whilst love liberates us…. more about that later.

New-ness keeps you young

The new-ness of taking the leap will bring in lots of new experiences, new energy that might even excite you, keeping you younger than your years. Your eyes sparkle and the same old-ness’ lifts being replaced by a newly discovered motivation and yes even passion.

There have been many times in my life when I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone –   from somewhat minor acts such as going topless for the first girls holiday when I was eighteen to standing up in crown court facing the man who tried to end my life.

Each time I felt nervous, tense, scared shitless but I knew I ‘had’ to do ‘it’. The ‘it’ word came from the depths of my soul. It was and still is my soul pushing me, nudging me, daring me to go that bit further to experience its liberation.

We are here to be free in whatever way we chose to co-create our lives. Your soul is caged like a bird until you discover the limit-less capabilities of being human with a mindset that you can change when you choose.

Fear fuels ego whilst love liberates us

I have been observing the ego and how it plays out in myself and others for the last nineteen years. In my role as The Life Guidance Mentor, I’ve worked with  people who are facing a crossroads and life challenges.

The ego is fuelled by fear often catapulting our memories to pluck out times when we were fear-full. The memory ignites that intense feeling of fear and separateness. At that time you couldn’t be further away from love.

Old patterns of behaviour and thinking return if you are not on alert, pulling you back to the yukky-ness of old yet familiar territory.

The ego keeps us separate

It’s part of the ego’s job to keep us separate from feeling whole and complete. When we feel complete we are love- filled, safe and free, yet as soon as fear surfaces, it risks cracking open the doors for fear to come in and expand the crack filling it with fear -filled memories, feelings then actions.

Our feelings often dictate our subsequent actions and behaviour. It’s that fickle!

When we choose to step out of the comfort zone, we choose to challenge the fear and use it for the greater good of being whole, complete and even happier yet we need to go through the initial challenge.

Push through the resistance

Think back to when you pushed through the resistance of doing something new, challenging. How did you feel at it’s conclusion?

Would you choose to do it again if you had your life over? or would you stay in the safety net of normality every day-ness?

Whatever you choose, I urge you to step out of your comfort zone just once and observe the teachings.

Let’s not  create regrets imagine being on your deathbed,  will you be grateful for living the same old same old life or grateful for the challenges you set yourself?

Life is for living, experiencing new things and challenging our fears. it opens us up to greater love and even joy.

I know what I choose.

Happy journey!

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